Cloud Native Sustainability Week 2023 - putting sustainability on the community radar


Cloud Native Sustainability Week 2023 was a huge success with great community engagement; we look back at the event and forward to 2024!

CNCF Cloud Native Sustainability Week 2023


Cloud Native Sustainability Week, organized by the CNCF community, is a global event in the second week of October focused on environmental sustainability in the cloud native space, featuring a global virtual event and 26 local meetups across 19 countries and 5 continents.

Decoding Large Scale Changes; An In-depth Look into Google's Software Engineering Practices


In diesem Artikel wird das Konzept der Large Scale Changes (LSC) in Softwareprojekten untersucht, einschließlich der koordinierten Ausführung, der Automatisierungsmöglichkeiten und der Integration von maschinellem Lernen für neue Anwendungsbereiche

Version after Version; How the Open Source Project Kubernetes Releases its Software


We look at the ways the Kubernetes project releases its software, from how the community works to detailed practices maintained in the community

Environmental Sustainability at KubeCon / CloudNativeCon EU 2023


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 was the largest open source conference in Europe with 10k+ attendees and had a strong focus on cloud native sustainability

Outlining the structure of your open-source software project


How are open source projects organized? This article addresses this question and provides a path to maturity

Wrap up - Rebooting the Cloud Native Hamburg community group


The first Cloud Native Community Hamburg event of 2023 went very well

Rebooting the Cloud Native Hamburg community group


Cloud Native Community Hamburg is relaunching their Meetups and hosting the first Meetup of 2023 on March 16th in person

Start contributing to Open Source projects


Finding a starting point to contribute to open source is challenging, this article shows how to find your start

What is cloud native and how can you get started as contributor?


The article introduces cloud native

CNCF WG Environmental Sustainability


Introducing the CNCF working group for environmental sustainability

Consider Docker Alternatives


Docker evangelised containers to the industry, but over the years other tools for running containers have emerged

Hello World!


Introducing the LVSP Website