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Rebooting the Cloud Native Hamburg community group


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Due to COVID-19, the Cloud Native Hamburg community was unable to organize face-to-face meetup for over two years. Luckily in 2023, this is changing, along with a few additional revisions to the previous program. We are organizing the meetups in close collaboration with CNCF, introducing new principles in hosting meetups and expanding the organizing team.

We are excited to bring a community focused spirit to our meetups, something we have noticed can be missing. In that regard, we are addressing a few areas in our program to help support our community first mindset:

  • Removing content that can be perceived as a sales pitch or focused on one singular vendor.
  • Creating a more transparent process surrounding talks that are accepted and the format of the meetup.
  • Ensuring that post event marketing is not sales focused unless an attendee opted in to receive additional information.
  • Creating clear guidelines on how to participate and surveying the community on their desired engagement.

In the Cloud Native Hamburg group, we are working to improve the above points and organize community-driven, vendor-neutral meetups. If you are in the greater Hamburg area, feel free to join CNCF Slack and join the #cloud-native-hamburg Slack channel. The first Meetup is scheduled for March 16.

See you in person!