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Wrap up - Rebooting the Cloud Native Hamburg community group


The cloud native hamburg community group hold their first meetup of 2023 on Thursday March 16th. The event went very well and the next meeting will follow in the summer.

Agenda of the meetup:

  • Welcome back, who we are, and how are you?
  • 1st Talk: Secrets Management with External Secrets Operator by Moritz Johner
  • 2nd Talk: A Unified Infrastructure Automation with GitOps and Crossplane by Hossein Salahi
  • CNCF newsflash by Niklas Voss

The slides can be found in the public google drive folder. The event was not recorded, but pictures were taken.

See you at the next meetup!

leo cloud native hh meetup
moritz cloud native hh meetup
hossein cloud native hh meetup
niklas cloud native hh meetup
pizza cloud native hh meetup